Floating Home In Seattle

Dated: 07/11/2016

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People in Seattle know their houseboats, and technically this is not a houseboat. It’s not even a floating home, because it’s not connected to the city sewer. This gorgeous, 1,100-square-foot home is a “floating on water residence,” according to owner Matthew Pontious, who designed and built it himself.

“I was a custom home builder at the time, and I wanted to live on the water, so I basically found this to be the most accessible way to do it,” he said.


He describes the 2-bedroom, 2-bath home as “kind of a man cave.” But it’s full of light and wood, as well as other natural materials. “I wanted to make it feel more like a house than a boat, and a lot of the elements are green,” Pontious said.

Take, for instance, the blue-jean scraps he used for insulation. “It’s great insultation, and really quiet and environmentally friendly,” he said. A shipyard nearby welded together the aluminum  hull.

He’s asking $950,000 for the home, which is listed with Jonathan Villalobos of RE/MAX Eastside Brokers.

Pontious’ favorite part about the home is how its view changes throughout the day. “You never know what’s going to drift by your house,” he said. “It could be kayaks going by, or ducks, or a giant ship. Instead of watching TV, you can just stare out the window all day.”

Aerial photos by Clarity Northwest Photography. Other photos by Exposio.

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