Add Curb Appeal Without Breaking The Bank

Dated: 04/20/2017

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Spring has officially sprung and with spring cleaning almost complete, it’s time to focus on adding some serious curb appeal to your home. The tips below make a big difference and although they can add up they won’t break the bank. Right now is the best time to get started!

1: Wash the front of your home- Remove all cobwebs, dust and dirt from your walkway, driveway, garage door, patio and windows. You can use a simple water hose to get the job done (if you have a pressure washer the job will be done even faster). This step alone can make a big difference in your curb appeal.

2: Freshen up the flower beds & add a POP of color- A nice maintained yard gives the impression that the home is well-kept. Adding fresh mulch to flowers beds keeps the yard looking clean and is not very expensive at all.  To keep your yard looking clean keep your trees and bushes trimmed and your grass low. Adding flower pots to the front patio adds color and is an easy way to maintain fresh seasonal flowers. You can also add a colorful bench or colorful doormat to your front patio to add a pop of color.    

3: Take a look at the roof- A dingy roof can make a home look old, dirty, and grimy.  It is important to maintain your roof clean and cleared from branches, toys, and gunk. A good idea is to walk across the street and look at your roof to identify any broken shingles, stains or gunk. If you happen to find any broken shingles it is important to replace them because not doing so can lead to bigger problems in the long run. According to the cost of repairing a roof can range anywhere from $316-$1,083, this of course includes issues larger than replacing shingles.    

4: Wash windows- Washing windows is another tip that yields big results. I included this tip in my Spring Cleaning Blog last month but this tip merits mentioning again. Since we are focusing on curb appeal, I recommend walking outside your home and looking at the windows in the front of your property. Ask yourself, are they clean? How do the curtains look? If you have shutters, make sure you dust them and/or replace them if broken. Replace dingy curtains with new ones.   

5: Replace light fixtures- Light fixtures help define the look of your home. With so many different styles to choose from shopping for a fixture can be quite an adventure.  Prices range from $20-$150 per fixture. If you are not ready to invest in new fixtures, be sure to clean and replace the bulbs in your existing fixtures.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Feel free to share with your friends :) 

Your Friendly Realtors,

Fernando and Sonia 

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