7 Habits To Be Successful Vacation Rental Owner

Dated: 07/02/2017

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Success isn’t the coincidence; it is the result of the hard work, planning and good habits. To make your vacation rental business successful, you also need to have some habits which lead to the path of success. While looking at the success scenario of the industry, the few common habits have been observed into the successful vacation rental owners.


Often people give the vacation rental business second priority, which eventually converts it into the dead investment. To make the business successful, you need to be familiar with the industry, how the market strategies work, what are the threats and opportunities within the market, your competition and should choose your policies accordingly. Further, you should also have the eye on the local tourism and events. The sole purpose of the vacation rental owner should be to be successful.


As the famous quote says, ‘A goal properly set is halfway reached ‘. The successful business man knows where he wants to see his business after 5 years or where he wants to stand in the business. You should have clear goals about your vacation rental business. It includes the potential income you want to earn and the expansion of the business. Your goals will be the base of the successful business. Mere listing your property isn’t the business, keep that in mind.


No matter how well established the business is, but if it didn’t qualify in the eyes of the customers, it’s not going to be successful. Further, the lifelong customers and their reviews are essential for your business growth. So as the owner, you should know that how to treat the customers, it includes everything from the answering to the listing inquiries up to the booking, their stay in your rental and solving their complaints. A good businessman knows how to treat the customer well, so make sure you have all the hospitality skills.


A goal without the plan is just a wish, so no matter how great goals you had for your business, the lack of proper planning and management can ruin the progress. A businessman needs the planning and managing abilities, you also have the same. You just need to polish your skills i.e. just need to do little homework and time management. Don’t forget to make the scheduling and checklist for your work. It will help you to conquer the business battle easily. Being the organized person leads to being the successful vacation rental owner!


Having an eye on the industry is really good for the health of your business. The new market trends and strategies will help you in keeping your business updated. You can always learn something new about the decorations or the amenities you are providing and also sharing this knowledge with your staff or business partner will help you in expanding your business well.


The business lies on the shoulder of the employees, so keep appreciating your staff. The happy employees play vital role in the success of the organization. Further, you can have small rewards for your employees; this will develop the positive impact on their attitude towards the business. A good team leader is the one who knows how to get work done from the others that too with the gratitude. Be the boss with the smile!


Well, you grab the business and customer both, but your job doesn’t end there. The marketing keeps feeding water in the success tree of the business. So keep your business in the limelight, posts the updates about your rental, the new photos or about the events in the nearby. Remember, the out of the sight is out of the mind! So make sure that your vacation rental is in the sight of the travelers.

Being the successful vacation rental owner starts with being the follower of some good habits. So how many habits of the above you have? It’s time to be the successful vacation rental owner.

Suzanne Evans

Sr. Communications Manager at VacationCluster

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