5 Ways To Sell Potential Homebuyers On Your Fixerupper

Dated: 07/02/2017

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5 ways to sell potential homebuyers on your fixer-upper

Help buyers find their dream home using a little imagination

Selling a fixer-upper isn’t magic -- it just takes good pricing, charming descriptions and an agent’s vision.

As a real estate agent, you know that not every house is perfect. Each has its own quirks that make it ideal for the right homebuyers.

However, homes that may require some TLC (at the expense of the future homebuyer) can appear quite daunting. Regardless, fixer-uppers can be sold successfully.

Here are five quick tips to help you sell the fixer-uppers on your priority lists:

1. Highlight the attractive features

No matter how many repairs or coats of paint a home may require, there will always be some attractive features that you can highlight. Become familiar with the home’s positive points, whether it includes its unique history, solid structure or great living spaces.

Make these positive aspects prominent when showing off a fixer-upper to potential homebuyers, and they’re bound to pay more attention to them.

2. Help set the right price

It can be difficult to price a fixer-upper when you know that it needs a lot of work. Collaborate with your sellers to get a good estimate.

Look at both the flaws and the investments inside such as any beautiful hardwood floors, the potential to have a finished basement or the amount of land the house is situated on.

3. Suggest that the owners make the house shine

Even if the home needs renovations, a home placed on the market should be in its best condition.

Suggest that the sellers keep up with the front yard, declutter their rooms and scrub the kitchen, bathroom and windows regularly.

Getting rid of unnecessary furniture by placing it in a storage facility can also help stage the home to look its best.

4. Be upfront and honest about flaws

More than likely, the fixer-upper will undergo a home inspection before the sale is completed.

Be upfront with potential homebuyers regarding the flaws that the fixer-upper has or the repairs that it may need. Disclose these issues now before they arise during the inspection.

5. Use powerful descriptive words in the listing

Yes, how you word the listing for the fixer-upper can truly influence a potential homebuyer to see the diamond in the rough!

Avoid words such as “must-sell,” “value,” “motivated sellers” and “vacant.”

Instead, use stronger words such as “beautiful,” “landscaping,” “curb appeal,” “granite,” “gourmet” and “maple” within the listing — while of course staying truthful to the home’s offerings. You’d be surprised how effective your words can be!

It may be more difficult to sell a fixer-upper, but it certainly isn’t impossible. After all, countless fixer-uppers are sold each day.

Just follow these five tips, show off the home’s potential to interested homebuyers and encourage them to see your vision. It might be the home of their dreams, they just need help using their imagination!

Mike Pulley is a renovation aficionado at Home Buy Design. You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

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